National Zoo and Aquarium: A Wildlife Odyssey in the Heart of Yarralumla

Nestled in the heart of Yarralumla, the National Zoo and Aquarium is a treasure trove of wildlife wonders that captivates visitors with its diverse range of animals and immersive conservation efforts. This 1000-word journey delves into the heart of the zoo, providing comprehensive details about its full address, major cross streets, nearby attractions within a 3-mile radius, and essential information about opening and closing hours. View more here.

Full Address and Accessibility:

Full Address: National Zoo and Aquarium, 999 Lady Denman Dr, Yarralumla ACT 2611, Australia.

Major Cross Streets and Accessibility:

The National Zoo and Aquarium is strategically located on Lady Denman Drive, making it easily accessible from various points in Yarralumla and the surrounding areas. Conveniently situated, the zoo is a short drive from the city centre, offering visitors a seamless journey into the heart of this wildlife haven.

National Zoo and Aquarium: Where Conservation Meets Education:

Diverse Wildlife Habitats:

Spread across lush landscapes, the National Zoo and Aquarium is home to an extensive array of wildlife. From majestic big cats to playful meerkats, the zoo’s habitats are carefully designed to replicate the natural environments of its residents. Visitors can embark on a journey through distinct regions, each housing a unique collection of animals from different corners of the globe.

Conservation Initiatives:

More than just a place of entertainment, the National Zoo and Aquarium is actively involved in conservation initiatives. With a commitment to preserving endangered species, the zoo participates in breeding programmes and research projects aimed at safeguarding vulnerable wildlife. Visitors have the opportunity to witness the positive impact of these initiatives and gain insights into the zoo’s dedication to the welfare of its inhabitants.

Nearby Attractions Within 3 Miles:

Lake Burley Griffin:

A picturesque oasis in the heart of Canberra, Lake Burley Griffin is within close proximity to the zoo. Visitors can extend their day of exploration by strolling along the lake’s shores, enjoying recreational activities, or simply savouring the tranquillity of this iconic waterway.

Australian National Botanic Gardens:

For those with a passion for botany, the Australian National Botanic Gardens beckon with their diverse collection of native Australian plants. A short drive from the zoo, the gardens provide a serene escape into the world of flora unique to the continent.

National Gallery of Australia:

Art enthusiasts will find the National Gallery of Australia nearby, offering a rich tapestry of artistic masterpieces. The gallery showcases a diverse range of exhibitions, making it a cultural hotspot for those seeking a blend of wildlife adventures and artistic exploration.

Practical Details for Visitors:

Opening and Closing Hours:

The National Zoo and Aquarium welcomes visitors during regular operating hours. To ensure an optimal experience, guests are advised to check the official website or contact the zoo directly for the latest information on opening and closing times. Whether planning a morning safari or an afternoon excursion, the zoo accommodates wildlife enthusiasts throughout the day.

Visitor Facilities and Services:

To enhance the visitor experience, the National Zoo and Aquarium provides a range of amenities. These include dining options, gift shops offering wildlife-themed memorabilia, and educational programmes designed for visitors of all ages. Guided tours and interactive exhibits contribute to an immersive and educational journey through the world of wildlife.

Community Engagement and Educational Programmes:

Beyond its role as a wildlife sanctuary, the National Zoo and Aquarium actively engages with the community. Educational programmes for schools, workshops, and outreach initiatives form a vital part of the zoo’s commitment to raising awareness about conservation and biodiversity. These programmes foster a sense of environmental stewardship among visitors and contribute to the zoo’s broader mission.


The National Zoo and Aquarium stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of wildlife conservation and public engagement. From the gentle meandering of river otters to the majestic presence of lions, the zoo offers a symphony of sights and sounds that resonate with the essence of the animal kingdom.

For families, wildlife enthusiasts, and those seeking a meaningful adventure, the National Zoo and Aquarium in Yarralumla provides a gateway to the wonders of nature. It’s a place where education, entertainment, and conservation converge, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. View details here.

As Lady Denman Drive leads you to the entrance, the National Zoo and Aquarium awaits, promising a journey into the wild that transcends the boundaries between humans and the captivating creatures that call this sanctuary home.

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